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A shared resource bank for Indonesian Educators in Victoria and beyond, to promote and support the teaching & learning of the Indonesian language and cultures! Links to language, culture, In-country travel, organisations, resources & realia!


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LiNK To LiNgKunGaN KiTa

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Link to Lingkungan Kita - Indonesian Educational Resource Kit

Developed jointly by the Languages Education Unit, DEECD & Melbourne's Zoo's Learning Experiences.

The Indonesian educational resource kit, Link to Lingkungan Kita, has been developed jointly by the Languages Education Unit, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Melbourne's Zoo's Learning Experiences. Link to Lingkungan Kita will enable teachers and students of Indonesian to make their class visit to the Melbourne Zoo a combined environmental, conservation, cultural and linguistic experience.

Also check out:
Indonesian Realia - Courtesy of the Melbourne Zoo's Learning Experiences

AsiA & ThE 21st CeNTurY

Asia Education Foundation (AEF) enables educators to develop Asia literate young Australians. We support teachers, principals, education leaders and school communities to implement the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia.

Learn more about what AEF can offer you and your school:

Asia Education Foundation website

AEF Programs & Projects


For information about the BRIDGE Project go to the BRIDGE page in the navigation bar.


Education Services Australia (ESA) is a national, not-for-profit company owned by all Australian education ministers.

The company was established to support delivery of national priorities and initiatives in the schools, training and Higher Education sectors.
Education Services Australia

Scootle is a 'one stop shop' that provides teachers with access to more than 20,000 digital curriculum resources in the National Digital Learning Resources Network which is managed by Education Services Australia (ESA).

ABC Splash - The ABC and Education Services Australia (ESA) are working collaboratively to deliver this online education portal funded by the Australian Government which provides an extensive library of educational resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

For more resources go to the Learning & Teaching page.

TRaveL ...sTudY



ACICIS - Australian Consortium for 'In-Country'

Indonesian Studies - is a non-profit consortium

of universities that develops and coordinates

high quality, in-country study options in Indonesia.


Indonesian Language Teacher Immersion - offers a three-week intensive course for in-service teachers.

For more information about In-country Study opportunities such as ILTI; go to the In-country Study page in the navigation bar.

MoRe uSEfuL LiNkS...


Victorian Studies of Asia -

Studies of Asia Wikispaces

LMERC manages a wiki -

Global Education Resources Wiki

ReFleKsi InDoNeSiA BLoGspoT -

As the successful recipient of the MLTAV's 'E K Horwood Travel Scholarship' in 2010 -
I created a visual digital journal (a blog) to share my travel journeys throughout Indonesia!

Each blog post focuses on;
- my personal travel/educational experiences and reflections
- factual & cultural information, and intercultural understandings
- and incorporates a visual component of digital photos.

Join me on a visual journey of Indonesia through my stories and my love of photography through a contemporary lens on Indonesia. :)

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